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  • What is an Architectural Consultancy?
    Architecture consultancy involves expert guidance provided by experienced architects to assist you in various aspects of your project or space redesign. This can encompass everything from initial concept development to material selection, space planning and functionality, sustainability considerations, and even strategies for working within your budget constraints.
  • What are the benefits of hiring an Architect?
    The benefits include optimizing the layout of your space (making it more functional), maximizing energy efficiency (through material choices, appliances, and lighting), selecting appropriate sustainable materials, presenting creative solutions for design challenges, and creating aesthetically pleasing, functional environments that align with your budget.
  • What is the typical Architecture Consulting process?
    The process typically involves: an initial meeting to discuss your goals and requirements, an assessment of the current situation, the development of personalized recommendations, and a brief discussion of possible options. Following this, adjustments are made based on your feedback in an intermediate meeting, and then we proceed to the final presentation of the layout for implementation.
  • How is the consultancy paid?
    The consulting fee can be paid in full upon awarding the contract. Alternatively, if it's more convenient for you, it can be split into two payments: 50% of the fee upon awarding the contract and the remaining 50% after the final presentation, once you've received all the graphic materials we will send you.
  • What is a Ground-Up Project?
    'Ground-Up Project' is a common term that refers to an architectural project that starts from scratch, without beginning with an existing structure. It involves the creation of a new building or space from an empty area, requiring all stages of the process, from concept development to execution.
  • What is a Licensing?
    Licensing is the process by which an Architectural Project is submitted to Municipal Authorities to obtain legal permissions for construction or remodeling. This includes the approval of the projects in accordance with Urban, Municipal, Safety, Accessibility regulations, and other requirements.
  • What is an Execution Project?
    The Execution Project is the phase in which the technical and construction details of the project are developed and drawn. It includes plans, sections, construction details, material specifications, and other elements necessary to guide contractors during the construction phase. It is in this project phase that we control any potential errors that may arise during construction.
  • What is a Rehabilitation Project?
    A Rehabilitation Project involves the renovation or restoration of existing buildings that may be deteriorated, outdated, or in poor conditions. It is a process aimed at improving the structure, functionality, and appearance of the building while preserving its historical and/or cultural value.
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